School Curriculum Statement


Here at St Stephen’s C of E First School, we deliver a stimulating and vibrant curriculum with an unwavering demand for pupils to achieve consistently high standards across a wide range of subjects.

We are committed to the Christian ethos that every child is special in the eyes of God. We teach that all people should love, care for and respect one another and our planet. It is our ambition that all our pupils daily use our five Christian values, love, peace, hope, compassion and forgiveness and also our ten school qualities, enthusiasm, motivation, consideration, self-belief, unselfishness, appreciation,perseverance, positivity, responsibility and trustworthiness.

The use of Growth Mind-Set Principles encourage children to believe that they can achieve irrespective of any barriers to learning that may exist. The school uses vehicles such as Mantle of the Expert, a drama for learning tool, to help to deliver an engaging, creative curriculum through continuous provision. Basic skills are taught throughout to ensure children are proficient in writing, reading and mathematics. The school also uses Chris Quigley strategies to embed and advance children’s learning, as well as ‘Maths No Problem’ (Singapore Maths), which allows the children to achieve ‘mastery’ in core areas of the curriculum.

At St Stephen’s we want to foster a ‘love for learning’ that both challenges and excites pupils and prepares them for the future.